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Meet the Aura ring with champagne stone. Set with a unique, hand-cut stone that dazzles uncontrollably in even the faintest of lights. It’s modest, medium-sized stone allows for a more ‘quality over quantity’ feel with its hypnotic facets, complimented by a half pavé hidden halo setting.
Its raised halo setting allows for easy stacking so you can style it for all occasions!

Size & Material

  • Crushed ice Radiant cut 5A Cubic zirconia
  • 100% 925 Sterling silver
  • Stone size: 10*8 inches (25cm * 20cm)
  • Size in cm: 15 / 18 / 20 / 23 cm

Size Guid


We recommend using this printable ring sizer for the most accurate reading if you don't know your ring size. There are two methods you can use with the printable ring sizer; method 1 requires an existing ring and method 2 requires scissors.

If you have a printer, please click the button below to download the printable ring sizer. Please make sure the scale is at 100% (the instructions are on the PDF)

Link to PDF


OTHER METHODS (no printer required)

If you know your size

We use standard US sizing. If you already know your size, please use the ring size chart below to determine your size in US sizing.

Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm) US UK
15.1 47.46 4 H½
15.9 49.84 5 J½
16.7 52.23 6 L½
17.5 54.61 7 N½
18.3 57 8 P½
19.1 59.98 9 R½
19.9 61.77 10 T½
20.7 64.16 11 V½

If you have an existing ring but do not have a printer:

Please measure the inner diameter of your current ring (the inner edge of your ring) and use the table above to measure the inside diameter against US sizing.


If you don't know your size, don't have an existing ring and you don't have a printer:

1. Get a piece of string or cut up a thin piece of paper (make sure the piece of paper is really thin or it won't be accurate!) and wrap it around your finger firmly. (make sure the paper/string sits very firm on your finger and how you would want the ring to fit; that means it should not be loose and not extremely tight)

2. Mark the string or piece of paper to get the circumference  (in mm)

3. Lay the string or paper down against a ruler to measure the circumference (in mm/cm)

4. Please use the table above to measure your circumference (in mm) against the US sizing column (We use standard US sizing)

5. Please choose the ring size that is closest to your circumference if you are in-between sizes.


  • Average ring size for women is US 6-7.
  • Please measure your finger when they are warm as cold fingers will measure smaller. 
  • If you are unsure but you are able to wait, we advise you to purchase a Ring Sizer to measure your finger before making an order.
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